How we work


Innovation at Sngular is not simply about searching for cool new ideas or checking the boxes of the latest technology buzzwords. Our company is designed to work as an innovation ecosystem.


  • Combine teams of specialists with different skill sets to foster experimentation from within
  • Have 16 specialist teams that provide services and solutions in a wide range of technologies, Agile methodologies, and business transformation
  • Foster innovation with 3 additional teams: NVision, Labs and Ventures


In many companies, the technical talent lack the skill sets required to address highly transformational technology projects. However, outsourcing to large IT consulting or offshoring firms oftentimes provides volume and even speed, but not the quality or the level of technical expertise required. Sngular offers its own distributed Agile team model to leverage its highly skilled technical talent across geographies, providing:

  • Better pricing
  • Greater project scalability
  • Faster turnaround times
  • A model that also allows up to tap a deeper talent pool and attract the best talent

Different working

Sngular has worked with hundreds of clients and adapts to a wide range of working models, from staff augmentation to becoming partners or joint venturers. Our teams are willing to share the risks of developing industry-changing technologies. We take pride in noting that many of our client relationships span several decades and have involved helping out clients navigate seismic technology changes. Our clients describe us as a hands-on technology partner that consistently “delivers code, not PowerPoints.”